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The PSVK was started by help of few social workers to initiate unique model of social work, Self Help Group Creation, formal education and computer education through community participation first in Patna district of Bihar and further replicated in other district of Bihar, UP and Jharkhand.

PSVK visualizes to create a value added society based on social justice, unity, integrity, equality, peace trust and freedom through community organization, participation and empowerment by providing equal access to right to food, clothing, shelter, education, health and information.

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           Improving well being of poor women and their families by providing life skills, products and services

In view of above, we are striving hard to eradicate them and make the poor people as partners in the mainstream of the project activities by availing facilities being extended by both National and International Donor Agencies.

our Goal

To contribute to the socio-economic and ethical development of the nation, by providing high-quality education through institutions that have dedicated faculty and state-of-the-art infrastructure and are capable of developing competent professionals and liberal-minded citizens

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We are Helping Hands
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Insure Child Education Over the World
DONATION : $800 donated of $8,000 goal
Insure Child Education Over the World
DONATION : $800 donated of $8,000 goal
Insure Child Education Over the World
DONATION : $800 donated of $8,000 goal
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Dr Rakesh Dutta Mishra


meena gupta

Dr Meena Gupta

Vice President


Sachchida Nand Pandey


Dr Purushotam Kumar

Vice President

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