“IT is a way of Life”: Today IT has grown as a “Global Platform for Communication”. Conventional means of information exchange by road or by air is now replaced by digital system. Information exchange is within seconds! Every Nation and individual feels the impact of this revolution. It has changed the requirements of organizations/ individuals. The nature of IT is ‘open’, (open environment, open competition) thereby giving scope to numerous business opportunities. The worldwide skilled manpower requirements to serve this New Platform are increasing exponentially.

 Computers are becoming part and parcel of all human endeavors; IT friendly work force is critical for the survival of the Industries at all levels. Hence IT skills are a must both for the job seekers and entrepreneurs to strengthen their area. Numerous career opportunities, unmatched promise and incredibly bright future prospects are the highlights of this field. It is compulsory to trained the people both are living rural & urban areas in the field of Computer & I.T. Our Indian I.T. & Computer graduates are earning a large amount of foreign currency from abroad,  that is very essential for the development of a country. So it can’t be avoided. Therefore our organization is established IT & Computer Training Centre namely Management Institute & Computer Accountancy (MICA) at Patna Our organization is working with experienced computer technologist to teach people who far away from knowledge & benefit of IT. The Organization chooses project area in Patna and other district of Bihar.

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