Formation & Straighten of Self Help Group is the base of Pawansut Servangin Vikas Kendra (PSVK). We do not treat it as a separate program, but any activity/program is started by formation of Self Help group. Initially the groups are straightening up to linkage level by providing several trainings such as Social Development Training, Visionary Leadership Training, Elementary Education Awareness Training, Skill Development Training, Account Maintenance Training, Group Management Training and finally Entrepreneurship Development Training. Therefore, we are very slow in the process of straightening the Self Help Group.

These procedures take minimum one & half year to make them straighten up to entrepreneurship level. Up to this financial year, we have formed 164 SHG (s) in our working areas in which only 45 groups reached at the level of entrepreneurship development.  All straighten 45 groups are making Bags, Maflar and Shawl by Manipuri Loom and   Printing  Bed sheets by hand painting and  making Wall-hanging. Thus, they are earning nearly Rs.600/- to 800 /- per month individually. They are selling their products in local Hatia directly or through Phariwala.

Formation & Straighten of Self Help Groups: not a project but platform

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